6th October 2016


We are a music management company working on hundres of projects with some of the greatest artists, including soloists, conductors, orchestras, composers and directors. We devote our services to those who have passion for art and are in need of a voice to show the world of your talent and skills. 

With our partners, IMK (Vienna, Austria) and SMCM International (Seoul, South Korea), we guarentee high-quality serivce in organizing and promoting art works and performances. Great artists are not only founded by their extraordinary skills, but also through marketing and promotion. Thus, EurNited Arts Agency was founded in order to connect artists from United States of American and Europe to international concerts.



Through EurNited’s international partnerships with directors, orchestras, soloists, and conductors, we would like to offer opportunities to those who want to perform on world-renowned halls throughout the world. This includes countries such as Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Slovak, Rumania, Poland, Ukraine, United States, Canada, Mexico, Egypt, China and South Korea.




A successful career does not only come from skills, but from the ability to market oneself. However, EurNited will be doing the marketing and organising for the artists, so you can focus on your passion and music.




Our staff of EurNited Arts Agency looks forward to meeting any classical musicians for consulting. From performing in world-renowned halls to recording a CD album, we are ready to guide artists to their preferred career.




President Soon-Deog Kwon



Artistic Director Meehae Ryo