18th December 2014


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EurNited Arts Agency is formed to promote and aid artists from United States and Europe their musical abilities in worldwide scale. With our partner IMK, American musicians are now able to easily access European artists in order to form an event. This includes concerts in world-renowned halls, international festivals and performance with famous soloists and orchestras. We are planning and organising nearly 200 concerts each year throughout the globe in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.



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In order to successfully promote and market yourself and your musical ability, there are three elements to consider:

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Time Efficiency

An ad must be effective within a short period of time. It must send the public about information of who you are and what you’ll be doing till the beginning of the event. This will spike interest in you and your product, and will repeatedly remind fellow musicians and the general public who you are. If the marketing grabs the audiences’ attention slowly, there may be only few who are aware of the occurring performance, or may notice it once the event has ended.





All information must be accurate and precise throughout variety of marketing method. This includes your general information (name and occupation), time and location of the event, and those who would be participating. Should any of the information is promoted incorrectly, the public will be misinformed and may not make it to the event or mistake your work for others.



While the two elements – time efficiency and accuracy – are very important, it is useless unless the result comes out positive. EurNited Arts Agency ensures that your work and performance is made positively aware to locals, previous to the event, and to international audience, after the event. This can take through different means such as, newspaper, magazine, website and much more.




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IMK, Vienna


Located in Vienna, Austria, the Verein für Internationale Musik- und Kulturförderung (IMK) was founded in 1991 by Soon-Deog Kwon with a clear goal: “to build bridges and overcome seeming contrast between young and old, East and West, and tradition and modernization”. We believe that, in a world where people group themselves with an overly specified identity, we remember our one common trait, that we’re all human. Through that, we believe that unity in mankind is possible and to make this a reality, we believe music is the best method of doing so.



SMCM International, Seoul


Founded in 1992, Schönbrunn Music Consulting and Management (SMCM) International is a global consulting and management company, specifically for classical artist with an ambition to perform on an international scale. While our company’s main office resides in the homeland of classical culture – Vienna, Austria- our Korean office is located in Seoul to help any Korean musicians to easily transit into performing with world-class artists. With SMCM International, we can help any talented performers to participate in international competitions and concerts, thus leading you to success.


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